Smarter Every Day: TIL 4/28/16

Bananas are cultivated by cloning, so most bananas that you eat are genetically identical and come from the Cavendish cultivar. This practice makes bananas susceptible to disease since they cannot evolve resistances. : \


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Smarter Every Day: TIL 4/7/16

The common swift spends most of its life in the air, flying, including eating, drinking, mating, and even sleeping. It usually only comes down to nest and before it learns to fly as a baby.

At least some birds can fly inverted (upside down), and can keep their head twisted 180 degrees to keep their head right side up and their eyes level in the process.


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Smarter Every Day: TIL 4/5/16

John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States, has a grandson that’s alive today. John Tyler had a son, Lyon, when he was 63. Lyon had a son, Harrison Tyler, at 75.


The Great Pyramid was built circa 2560 BC, Cleopatra lived 69 BC – 30 BC, and the first Moon landing was in 1969 AD, which means Cleopatra lived closer to the Moon landing than she did to the building of the Great Pyramid.


Stegosaurus lived 165 – 150 million years ago and Tyrannosaurus Rex lived from 67 million years ago until the extinction event 65 million years ago.  That means T-Rex is 25 million years closer to us than stegosaurus.

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Smarter Every Day: TIL 4/4/16

In GORM, you can specify the type for a collection that is mapped to another object using the hasMany relationship. For example:

SortedSet apps

static hasMany = [apps: App]

This allows you to override the default behavior where a HashSet is used.

The term’ Indian giver’ originated from misunderstandings in cultural differences around trade and gift giving between European settlers in the Americas and the natives.

The term ‘chat up’ (as in “I’m going to chat her up”) refers to talking to someone for the purposes of getting something out of them. In British English, it refers specifically to talking to someone for the purposes of trying to get sex out of them. I had no idea. I thought it just meant to talk to someone, even in American English.






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Rites of Spring

First flowers of the year – Osteospermum, Lavender, Grace Ward, and Kalanchoe.

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Figgy Pudding

My mom got me a subscription to Cooking Light this year. I found a recipe in it for something that sounded like it could be tasty for a filling and healthy breakfast. The recipe basically involved making a homemade granola, making a honey-vanilla greek yogurt mixture, and baking some figs in cinnamon. Then cooling all the ingredients and serving them together. It called for black figs only, but I decided to do a mix of Kadota and black figs. It was very delicious and makes about 4-5 servings. Next time, though, I will make it with plain vanilla yogurt instead of greek style yogurt, as the tart/tang of the greek style yogurt was a bit overpowering to me.

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Summer Flowers

This is actually the second set of flowers I have planted this summer, but I guess I forgot to take pictures of the first. The pink are Lobelia (Laguna Heavenly Lilac), the blue are Delphinum (Larkspur), the deep red are Chrysanthemum (mums), and the yellow are Argyranthemum (dill daisies).

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